Rode Studios Branding
Salt Lake City, UT - Logo Design, Identity System, Branding.  

Created in 2016, Rode Studios is the brainchild / creative endeavor of two amigos with a knack for creativity. After working individually as freelancers the crew decided to bring their skills to the table and work together. After continual growth in 2017 and the addition
of a new partner the brand needed a little refreshing to liven things up a bit. 

Using existing branding as a cornerstone, we were able to redefine the existing R logo to provided a sleeker and more simplified mark. Graphic elements taken from the mark are used in animations (as seen below) and in layout of imagery. We wanted photography to draw in the viewer through expressing motion and best achieved this through focusing on individuals interacting with their environment through sports, outdoor lifestyle/adventure shots, and motorsports.

Be sure to check out for past work and to get in contact with the crew.

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